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Fishing Report

2010 Update

March 1, 2012
Capt. Jim Ashley takes the helm (formerly Capt. of the Endorfin). Mate Lee Scarborough returns to run the cockpit. So far we have had nice catches of blackfin and dolphin with scattered wahoo bites. The bluefin tuna are still biting up at the point as well with recent catches of 400lb plus fish. As well, inshore catches of red drum and cobia are increasing with the warm weather.

March 1, 2010
We are accepting reservations now for 2010. We will begin running trips out of Hatteras Landing in March. Think about Black-fin and Yellow-fin Tuna, COBIA! and the first run of Dolphin. By fishing out of Hatteras Landing we can fish the wrecks for Grouper. The Marlin bite starts in May and the Sailfish are always plentiful in June and July.

There is a reason to get excited.


2009 Update

September 5-20, 2009 
The fishing in our area has been what could only be described as OFF THE CHART!! The billfishing has been some of the best that anyone can remember!! The TUNA have shown up, and there are dolphin around also. This is the time of year that every day can be the BEST DAY FISHING that you ever had. Give me a call, and I'll hook you up!

September 3, 2009
Mother Nature is playing havoc with the fleet this week. The stubborn nor-easter has camped out on us, and nobody has fished in several days now. We hope to get out this weekend as the forecast is looking better. I will keep you updated on the fishing .

August 2009
I am finally back online, after the lightning strike and dealing with the insurance company!!! The BILLFISHING has been outstanding this month! We have had catches in the double digits on some days. If you want the chance to catch a BILLFISH, NOW is the time to go! There are only few places in the world where you can have this kind of fishing in your own backyard!! Don't miss out on a chance of a LIFETIME, give me a call and let's go fishing!!

August 12, 2009
We've had a lightning strike at the house and have not been able to update the fishing report for a while. We'll be back in the water soon.

July 26, 2009
Day three - Well, we got bumped out of the money and finished fourth over all. We did manage to win the daily prize for being the high boat on day one! If we had managed to hold on to a couple of our other bites, we would have finished in the money! That's fishing!! At least we let the BIG GUNS know that the SWORDFISH is a force to be reckoned with!! Give me a call, I have plenty of open dates, and the really good fishing is just getting ready to happen!

July 25, 2009
Day two - Today I did a great job of steering around the fish!! We only managed two bites and didn't get either one. But even though we didn't score today, we are still in second place overall. We have fished our two days that we were allowed, so now we have to wait until the results of tomorrow's fishing!

July 24, 2009
Day one of the 6th annual Carolina Custom Shootout Charity Tournament. Today I decided to go back down to where we had been fishing for the last couple of days. The bite had slowed somewhat from a couple of days ago, but I had a game plan. BINGO!! We caught three out of at least five white marlin that were after us and also caught a sailfish. That was good enough to put the SWORDFISH into FIRST PLACE after day one!

July 23, 2009
Today's group also enjoyed some good billfish action! We managed to catch three white marlin, and had shots at several more! Don't miss out on some great fishing right now!!

July 22, 2009
Fred Miller and his crew from New Jersey had a great day of Marlin fishing on board the SWORDFISH. We had constant action most of the day, with white marlin and sailfish, plus an occasional dolphin bite. At one time we had at least SIX sailfish after us! This is a GREAT time to go catch that fish of a lifetime!

July 21, 2009
Over 93 marlin were released by the Oregon Inlet fishing fleet today. The bite is as hot as ever; if you ever wanted to catch a billfish without traveling to a third-world country, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Each boat averaged seven to nine fish. Call us today!

July 19, 2009
Today was a trip that I had promised to my daughter for her graduation present from Virginia Tech!! She a five of her girl friends had a day to remember! We managed to catch some dolphin and two sailfish. Meghan caught one of the sails, giving her a white and a sail on her quest to catch a personal SLAM! Check out the smiles on this crew. The only one with a bigger smile is DAD!!

July 16, 2009
Today I had the chance to take one of our armed forces heroes on a trip to catch his first MARLIN. I was under the gun to produce and praying that I could make this work! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We had shots at SEVEN WHITE MARLIN, hooked four and landed two! It was a honor for me to have this chance to say THANKS for the sacrifice that our armed forces make for all of us every day!

July 15, 2009
Burke Ellis and his crew had a great day on the SWORDFISH catching dolphin and yellowfin tuna. They also had a chance to do battle with a tuna on a spining rod!! We had tuna busting on top all around us, so I had Greg go to the bow and throw a top water plug. You have to see the bite, it's pretty cool!

July 14, 2009
Today my job was to find dolphin for these two young men, so we headed down the beach. I was looking for the change that was holding the grass ... and the dolphin. It took a while, but with some help from my fellow captains, I found what I was looking for! These two had their hands full with rods connected to fish for the better part of the day ... pretty much non-stop! I bet they both sleep really well tonight!!! Don't miss out on this GREAT fishing; give me a call!!

July 11, 2009
The bite slowed today, but we still managed to come up with some nice dolphin and Yellowfins. Donnie Allgood and his crew still had a good time. If we would have hung on to all of our bites, we would have at least doubled our catch! We also had a white marlin bite ... but it managed to come off, too. Give me a ring and lets go fishing!!

July 7, 2009
My group today had a GREAT catch of Yellowfin tuna and dolphin. There was also a first for the "SWORDFISH;" we flew a kite to get tuna bites! This can be a very effective way to fool the tuna into thinking they are getting a flying fish meal. The BITE is the best part, with these 40 to 50 pound fish actually going airborne to get the bait!

Give me a call and come see this for yourself; plenty of open dates, so don't miss out on some great fishing!!

July 4, 2009
The fishing remains as hot as the FIREWORKS!! The tuna and dolphin are still biting, and the marlin fishing is heating up! Today we went looking for billfish, and we found them. Our batting average wasn't too good, but we still managed to catch one out of four white marlin and missed a blue marlin ... AAAGH! I still have plenty of open dates, give us a ring!

July 28, 2009
My group today enjoyed great tuna and dolphin fishing! If we would have hung onto all of our bites, it would have been OUTSTANDING! That's fishing! We still managed to catch eight large yellowfins and eight Gaffers. I hope everybody enjoyed their day on the "SWORDFISH." I still have plenty of open dates, LETS GO FISHING!!!

June 23, 2009
Today I had intentions of going back to the tide line and catching Gaffers. When we got out to where I had hoped to find the rip, the wind had picked up from the north and had blown the weedline apart. We went to plan B and went looking for a tuna bite ... and found one! The biggest was 80 lbs! If you don't have a full group, we have people on a call list to split the boat. Give me a ring, and I'll try to get you all together!

June 20, 2009
Today I told my mate Greg that I was going to run past the fleet and look for a current edge that I saw on the satellite shot. The gamble paid off! We were the first ones on the weed line, and it was HOLDING!!! My group had non-stop action with Gaffers. They caught fish until they couldn't hold up their arms!! After that we went back to trolling and caught two wahoos, one was big enough to earn a North Carolina Citation!! I still have plenty of open days, don't miss out on some GREAT fishing!.

June 19, 2009
Tuna fishing and Gaffer Dolphin fishing continues to be outstanding!! Today's group had a great catch of both. The day was highlighted by the release of this White Marlin (left).

June 6-13, 2009
Gaffer dolphin fishing continues to be good. The BIG EYE Tuna have also shown up, mixed in with the YELLOWFINS. There are also some good MARLIN reports coming up from the south; they should be here in a couple of days. Don't forget that we are already booking dates for MEXICO!!!

June 4, 2009
The Gaffer dolphin fishing continues to be outstanding! The marlin are everywhere and the the gaffers are filling up the fish box.

Today we caught 25 Gaffers and caught and released a 250 lb. blue marlin. We also had two more blue marlin in the baits, but they didn't eat. I have plenty of days available to get you out there and in the action!

Check out the new pictures from today! (right and below) Don't miss out! Reserve your trip today!

Jake Worthington

May 24, 2009
Dolphin fishing continues to be excellent! 20-30+ Gaffer dolphin per day seems to be the standard catch, with a mix of the occassional tuna and several blue marlin. Don't miss out! Reserve your trip today!


Dewey-Weber Wise, Alex Slowikowski, Jake Worthington, Winnie Wise

May 17, 2009
The GAFFER DOLPHIN fishing continues to be OUTSTANDING!! There are also some yellowfins and wahoo being caught. The dolphin are averaging between eight and 45 pounds!! The action can be non-stop if we get on the right weed line. I've got open days that I would love to fill in before these fish move out of the area. Send me an e-mail or a call, and LET'S GO FISHING!!!!

May 13, 2009
We made our first venture of the year today. This was our shakedown trip, to find out if the changes that were done gave us any improvement in handling. Well, mission acomplished; "SWORDFISH" RAN BETTER THAN EVER! Fishing had been great the last few days, but today things slowed somewhat on the TUNA. We did manage to catch and release a 600 pound BLUE MARLIN! Not bad for our first day of the '09 season. Give me a call or e-mail and lets go fishing!!

May 5, 2009
After getting out of the boatyard, the Swordfish is ready to get down to the business of catching fish. The winds have played havoc with the fleet this week. When we can get out, the Gaffer dolphin fishing has been good. The tuna fishing is also starting to pick up and should only get better. Give us a call and we can set up a date for your group.

Mexico 2009
Once again the fishing in "ISLA" was as advertised! Our guests enjoyed great days of double digit catches of sailfish on light tackle. Anyone that has DREAMED of experiencing WORLD CLASS FISHING should check this place out. Isla Mujeres still remains one of the most affordable destanations for anglers to reach. We are already booking trips for 2010. Give us a call before all the good dates are taken!

2008 Update

Swordfish takes "Top Boat" in Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament
Swordfish takes "Top Boat" award at the 5th annual Virginia Beach Billfish

Capt. Justin Ringer and his mate Jon Dupree lead their team in accumulating 420 points for releasing 1 blue marlin and 5 white marlin winning the Top Crew, Billfish Jackpot and High Rollers awards.

Check out all the VBBT results here.


Spanish Fly
Roberto, our mate in Isla Mujeres, was on two episodes of ESPN's the "Spanish Fly" striking a familiar pose. Roberto is a world class mate, hands down, very few mates can compete with him. He is excellent with fly fishing as well as conventional fishing. We are now taking bookings for the 2009 Isla Mujeres sailfish season.

Team Swordfish Places Fourth
The Swordfish Lady Anglers held up to the pressures of tournament fishing to place fourth on time in the 19th Annual Alice Kelly Billfish Tournament. For the past five years these ladies have have placed 1st, 5th, 2nd, 3rd and now 4th. Out of a field of 88 boats they maintained their consistency in being in the top five percent for the past five years.

Current Fishing Report for July
Billfish action continues to be productive. During the Boat Builders Challenge, we saw more than 24 sails on our first day fishing. We saw two bait balls with at least 7 to 8 sails around them. We saw several free jumpers and finning fish. You'd have thought we were in Mexico with all the activity.

As of July 6th, dolphin fishing has been excellent. The marlin bite continues to be strong. Swordfish has been averaging four to five releases a day with whites, sails and blues.

Swordfish is taking reservations for Isla Mujeres/Cancun, Mexico for January - April. It's not to early to book for the peak of the season.


Dare County Boat Builders Challenge
Team Swordfish fished their first day of the Dare County Boat Builders Challenge releasing 3 sailfish. The event was called short due to Tropical Storm "Cristobal" even though the winds never blew much more than 15-20 knots through the course of the day. Last year, Team Swordfish fished in 10ft. seas with 35 knot plus winds in both the Boat Builders and the Allison Tournaments. "Obviously we are dissapointed in their decision to cancel the event the day before without the benefit of knowing what the winds are going to do," stated Team Captain Brant Wise. "We had an excellent day out there for our first day, and with the top two boats only having released five fish, we know we could have been one of the top three."

OutdoorLife Features the Grander
The Grander is featured in an OutdoorLife article about fish that can kill you! Read it here.

Strong Blue Marlin Bite
The blue marlin bite over the past two weeks compares to Venezuela! Some boats have reported raising as many as 9 blue marlin in a day. There has been a strong and consistent showing of blue marlin this year, so your odds of catching one are good!

Swordfish in Isla Mujeres
Swordfish is in Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico until mid-May. We are getting 16 to 20 bites a day! Fishing is still good down here and should pick up around the full moon in March. White marlin show up in the spread in April still providing double digit days. Days are available so contact us to book your trips!

Swordfish Like New
The improvements and upgrades to Swordfish are many and quickly noticable to the eye. We have installed a new, larger, hardtop with new aluminum and new curtains. The helm is sporting a new instrument panel. We have removed the old sliding glass windows from the house and installed permanent windows to alleviate the leaks. The new glacial blue hull and white topside set this boat off as a true Carolina Sportfisherman.

The Swordfish was stripped down to bare wood in some places and reglassed to show smooth lines and to ready her for the new Awlgrip paint. The helm was reworked to allow for a new instrument panel and an actuator for lifting the panel. New lights and radio box were incorporated into the new hardtop.

Bobby Croswait of Croswait Yachts undertook the challenge of turning Swordfish into a new boat. A special thanks to Bobby Croswait and sons, Aaron and Jordan Croswait. Steve, Piney, Wanchese Dock & Haul, The Recovery Shop, and everyone else who helped to renew Swordfish to a new boat.

Read more about the Swordfish here.

Capt. Jimmy Grant and Capt. Justin Ringer talk about our recent adventures down in Venezuela fishing with Capt. Jimmy as Steve carves a hunk of barbequed pork loin, or was that the smoked turkey, or the bear or ... (there was a lot of food). Steve is as good a chef as he is a craftsman. As always, Bobby Croswait is the center of attention.

2007 Update

Swordfish and Crew Noted in East/West Banquet
The East/West Banquet held on November 13, 2007 hosted by the Oregon Inlet and Pirates Cove fleet announced the top boats and captain's of the year for both fleets. Swordfish had a spectacular year having caught/released 100 billfish, including the first grander in over 16 years as well as a 580 lb blue marlin. Swordfish placed in the top 5 in several tournaments in a field of over 100 boats. Mate Austin Robins won the "Mates Pool" having caught the largest blue marlin for the year. Out of more than 30 captains, Captain Justin Ringer was voted Captain of the Year for the Oregon Inlet fishing fleet. We had another very respectable year; consistency says it all.

Swordfish Hits 100!
On October 9th, Swordfish released a double header of sails to reach our goal of 100 billfish for the season!

To date (9/30/07), Swordfish has caught 16 Blue Marlin, 17 Sails, 1 Spearfish and 60 White Marlin. The fishing is still strong with a good showing of billfish. Book now and help us top 100 billfish for the season.


Team Swordfish Lady Anglers, Charity Cooke, Cindy McNeill, Melissa Frye, Patty Slowikowski, Maria Wise and Deb Keenan managed to release four white marlin and one sailfish to take 3rd place on time, behind Hav'n-A-Ball and beating out a field of 110 boats from all over the east coast.


Team Swordfish Takes Top Boat Overall and Second Day Top Boat Daily Prize in the 15th Annual Allison Tournament
Team Swordfish
anglers, Brant Wise, Chuck Gregory, Joe Perez, Bill Bussard and Kevin "Cornbread"/"Breadman" Carver released a total of 8 fish for 560 points. Desperado took 2nd, and Ramasea took 3rd.


The Grander!!!
(left and below) Billy Landes of Gloucester, VA lands a 1,077 pound blue marlin on August 30th aboard the Swordfish! It was it was caught on a Mold Craft Chugger and was Billy's first time in the chair! Check out the press release and photos!


On labor day, Swordfish released 6 white marlin and 1 blue marlin. Dewey-Weber Wise released his first Blue Marlin, a 200 pounder. He fought the fish on a Tiagra 16, 20# stand-up gear. He released the fish after only a 15 minute fight. The pictures show Dewey-Weber being "creeked" for releasing his first blue. This is a long standing tradition amongst the crews inducting first timers into the "marlin club." At 11 years old, D.W. is one of the youngest.



Swordfish Takes 4th Place in the 4th Annual Dewalt/Boat Builders Challenge
On the last day of the tournament, Swordfish braved 25 knot winds and 10' seas to hook-up to a 450 lb. blue marlin, bumping Swordfish up to 4th place


July 4 - Leigh Hague released his first blue marlin!

Chuck Gregory and Brant Wise from Team Swordfish accept a $10,500 check for winning the day 3 Daily Prize.


Swordfish Takes Daily in 4th Annual Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament
Team Swordfish came from behind on Day 3 of the VBBT releasing 7 white marlin and taking

Top Boat for the day releasing a total of 9 fish including 1 spearfish. Top Boat, Hunter, released 12 billfish, and SCA Pink released 8 billfish. The VBBT had a record of 73 boats.


June 27 - On their first offshore adventure, our party released 5 sailfish and 1 blue marlin.

June 22 - As a graduaton present and his first time offshore fishing, one of our recent guests released 2 blue marlin and 2 sailfish. The next day he returned to release a white marlin for his Grand Slam!

Spring 2007 - We had an exceptional time in Mexico. We fished over 53 days and averaged 20-25 bites a day. Our first day out, we had over 60 bites! We will be returning in 2008, so call now if you care to join us down there.

We are back at Oregon Inlet where fishing has been no less exciting. The gaffer dolphin are THICK! We've had catches of our limits, and most fish are 10-20lbs. Yellowfin tuna are still showing up in catches, with most days seeing our limit, as well as a few big-eyes mixed in.

The water is warm the fish are thick, so why haven't you booked your trip? Remember the old sayin', "A bad day of fishing always beats a good day at work." That goes for you bosses as well.

2006 Update

August, 2006 - The MARLIN BITE IS EXCEPTIONAL!!! There have been several Grand Slams over the past three weeks. The Swordfish has had multiple blue marlin and white marlin bites daily. The fleet is releasing 50+ fish a day.

May, 2006 - The Swordfish's Capt. Justin Ringer placed 3rd, on time, in the Masters Invitational Tournament in Cancun, Mexico releasing 32 sailfish in the 4 day event. Top boat was the Viking 57, releasing 37 sails. Swordfish made and excellent showing participating in the event for the first time.

The Swordfish is back running out of Oregon Inlet catching nice sized Tuna and Wahoo. The Tuna have been in the 40 lb class and up to 90 lbs. Swordfish released its first White Marlin on June 9th and broke off a nice size Blue Marlin.

Winter, 2006 - The Swordfish is staying in Mexico into May to fish the Masters Tournament. April and May offer opportunites for white marlin and sailfish with the occassional blue marlin. We have released over 600 sailfish so far while fishing out of Isla Mujeres.

The Swordfish will be returning to Oregon Inlet in late May for some cleaning up prior to running out to the Gulf Stream looking for tuna, dolphin. We are hoping that this year will bring back the exceptional marlin fishing that we experienced last year. We estimated that we released over 120 white marlin last season.



2005 Update

From August 20 through 21, the Swordfish released over 30 white marlin in the two day period. "We had almost thirty bites each day." The fleet released 175 white marlin on Sunday alone. During the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament, 123 boats fished from Tuesday through Friday releasing over 533 billfish. It is estimated that almost 1,000 billfish have been released in the past 7 days.

We've had some great catches of dolphin mixed in with billfish. On Friday, July 15, we released three sailfish and two white marlin, with wahoo and several gaffer dolphin weighing in as much as 35 lbs.

With the season just beginning, the billfishing has been excellent with the fleet releasing up to 50 or more billfish a day. There have been several "Grand Slams," blue marlin, white marlin and a sailfish or spearfish. The Swordfish is averaging two bills a day when we go "Marlin" fishing. And to date we have released a half dozen sails, a half dozen blue marlin almost two dozen whites. If you want to catch a billfish, this is the year to do it!

We are still catching yellowfin tuna, a few bigeyes and limits of dolphin and king mackerel with the occassional wahoo. September is booking up fast, so reserve your spot now!



Team Swordfish Takes 2nd in the 16th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament

Team Swordfish: Summer, Tracey, Desiree, Patty, Stephanie and Maria. Visit for more details about the tournament.

The Swordfish


Tuna fishing has been good with catches of citation Bigeye and Yellowfin coming to the docks. We also brought home a 35lb. dolphin. There are still dates available in August, so book now to save your date!    


Team Swordfish Wins the 11th Annual Hatteras Village OffshoreTournament

Team Swordfish won the Hatteras Village Offshore Tournament held during the first weekend in May raking in first fish, most points and biggest billfish. Due to hurricane force winds in excess of 79 mph and 20ft. plus seas, day two and three were not fishable. We fished in 10ft. seas on Thursday, only two billfish were seen; our blue marlin weighing approx. 300 lbs and a white marlin caught on the Frequent Flyer who placed second. Both fish were released. Visit the Hatteras Village Offshore Open for more information.

Team Swordfish Wins the 15th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament

Team Swordfish was top boat with two blue marlins and one white marlin released in healthy condition. Maria Wise released a 300 lb. blue marlin. This was her first marlin. As well, Desiree Matlack released a blue marlin and Tracey Tucker released a white marlin. The team won out in a field of 86 other professionals. Visit for more details about the tournament.


The Swordfish  

2004 Update

November tuna fishing has been great on the days that the boats can get out. We have been catching our limits and getting back to the dock by 1:00 p.m.

We have had some impressive catches so far this season. The tuna fishing aboard the Swordfish continues to be good with some trips returning to the docks with as much as 770 lbs. of fish (we didn't even catch our limit - we ran out of room). We've brought in several citation-sized tuna with two 80 pounders and a 70 pounder in one day. We also caught a 129 lb. bigeye tuna.

The boat has released two blues, two spearfish and 18 white marlins (and counting).

The Swordfish has released two spearfish (I've only heard of one other caught this year), 18 white marlins (and counting), sailfish and two blue marlins. She has raised six more blues, but unfortunately, they either jumped the hook or broke-off.

  The Swordfish

The Swordfish

  Cobia fishing has been unbelievable! In a recent trip aboard the Free Agent, we caught one on 10# test after an hour long battle. We also caught a 96 lb. with 18# test. We ended up catching 37 cobia that day on the Free Agent - a new boat record and probably the most in recent history. We came home with a 40lb., 67 lb., 73lb., 80lb. and a 96lb. What a day!

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